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Thursday, February 03, 2005


I have been trying to get a blog of my own..been asking help from my girlfriends. In fact, Lina with much patience in her, had set up 2 blogs for me. Being Ms Perfectionist, I wasnt satisfied with them. Very da cerewet! Sorry Lina! So with much time in hand, I am gg to meddle around with this blogger and customize my own webiste, who knows I might be interested in progrmaming then..yah rite!

My bey has gone for an interview..wish him the very best of lucks. We will be getting married soon and these few weeks have been hell! Been thru arguments every single night, is this what it mean as DUGAAN?! No wonder it was said that couples who are getting married should not meet for at least 2 months until their wedding date. I cannot stand 2 months not meeting my bey, but then again we would always argue when we meet. I really hate when that happens. Rubbish seh.

I am at work now. With the waterfall, music and fishes, I might as well go meditating and soon to sleep..dats all for now!


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